NordVPN: Fast And Affordable - The Best VPNs You Could Buy In 2021

hoaict - Apr 23, 2021

NordVPN: Fast And Affordable - The Best VPNs You Could Buy In 2021

In this article, we will showcase the actual champion amongst all of them: the fast and affordable NORD VPN.

In the age of internet censorship and regional exclusive content, a VPN is pretty much essential. However, it is just hard to find a good VPN, as there are tons of VPN service providers out there, each calling themselves "the best VPN on the market".

In this article, we will showcase the actual champion amongst all of them: the fast and affordable NordVPN.

Nord VPN
NordVPN is the best VPN on the market

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About VPNs

What is a VPN?

VPNs are virtual private networks that give you privacy and anonymity by creating a private network on any internet connection. They mask your IP address so that no one would be able to trace your online activities.

Why do you need a VPN?

For example, if you are using a public network in a cafe or airport, anyone could intercept your data and steal your information. This might cause a lot of problems down the line - especially if the hacker managed to steal your personal information or bank account number. A VPN would stop all of that.

Furthermore, a VPN would give you access to content otherwise unavailable to your current region. Streaming services are always region-based. For example, if you are watching Netflix in India, you would be able to access tailored Indian-based shows like Sacred Games. However, when your region changed to the US, you wouldn't be able to watch it. This is where VPNs come in - they would remove this restriction and give you access to all regional contents with just one click of a button.

What Features Do You Get With NordVPN?


Speed is probably the first feature that users would check when purchasing a new VPN. NordVPN definitely has this covered.

In September 2020, AV-Test has performed a speed test of the top VPNs on the market, including NordVPN. In the test, Nord smashed the competition, with nearly double the speed comparing to the runner-up. Currently, they are in the process of upgrading all their servers to 10GBits - which increases the connection speed even further.

  • The secret behind its speed is the NordLynx Technology - a new experimental technology that gives users higher speed without compromising security. Unlike the usual protocol in which each user gets an IP address assigned by the VPN, NordLynx's double NAT system gives all users the same IP address. This makes the data literally unidentifiable.
Nord VPN
NordVPN leaves no trace online

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NordVPN has a lot of features to both secure your data and prevent it from leaking out. Below are the most notable ones:

  • Kill Switch: This feature continuously monitors your connection to the VPN server. If the connection accidentally drops, the Kill Switch blocks your device (or the apps you have specified) from accessing the web until the connection is restored.
  • Double VPN: Nord VPN encrypts your data on a server then bounce it to a second server to decrypt... with no negative effect on speed.
  • The abovementioned NordLynx technology
  • Strict no-logs policy: Nord VPN doesn’t track, collect, or share your private data. They have passed a second security assessment audit from PricewaterhouseCoopers AG Switzerland, an industry-leading auditing and assurance firm. All servers of Nord VPN are diskless and use RAM which means they are incapable of storing any data whatsoever. Nord VPN is also starting to distribute collocated servers that are owned and accessed by the company only.
  • CyberSec: Blocks malware, ads, and botnet. You would get access to a premium internet protection feature on top of this VPN.


  • Nord VPN is available on Windows, iOS, and Android. It ensures that your data is safe whether you’re using either PC or mobile on a home network, Wi-Fi, a local cafe hotspot, or 4G.
  • Nord Servers are everywhere - there are over 5400 of them in 59 countries worldwide. Nord VPN has no limits and would erase the meaning of borders and internet censorship.
  • Split Tunneling: You can selectively pick apps to exclude from your VPN connection. For example, you can play a game that connects to the local server while enjoying a streamed movie on foreign Netflix... at the same time. Not many VPN has this particular feature.
  • Browser extensions are available on Chrome and Firefox. You can incorporate Nord VPN to any machine instantly without having to go through the download and install process.


A single Nord VPN subscription could be used on 6 devices. You can get your whole family one of the best internet services ever on just a single account.

Nord VPN has some of the best prices amongst competitors - the 2 years subscription costs only 278.45 Rs per month. Combined with the 6 devices limit above - each device would cost about 45 Rs, which is a small price to pay for security.

Should you want to get a discount, check this NordVNP 68% off offer!

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