Nike Fit - The Digital Foot Measuring Tool To Help You Find The Right Size

Maya Bhagat - Jul 25, 2019

Nike Fit - The Digital Foot Measuring Tool To Help You Find The Right Size

Nike launches its digital foot measuring tool called Nike Fit to help solve the shoe size problem, proving its strong digital presence and tech advancements.

Last year, Nike released its smart shoe which proves the company's great digital presence together with technology advancements. This also is Nike’s proof as a leading tech firm. “Nike is now a technology company — full stop,” said Global Head of Digital Products Michael Martin on the main stage of TNW Conference on May.

At the conference in Amsterdam, he introduced a digital tool to measure foot called Nike Fit. This tool helps buyers measure their foot size and find the right fit.

Martin emphasized the importance of the right size because of its comfort and how it can improve athletic performance. It is estimated that 60% of the population is wearing the incorrect size. There has been no solution to this age-old issue until now.

Nike Fit
Nike Fit - the digital tool that lets buyers measure their foot and find the right fit.

Nike Fit by utilizing a combination of computer vision, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and data science works well as a scan solution. This app can scan users’ feet and it takes only a few minutes to determine the wearer's right shoe size.

According to Martin, in some stores in the US, the app was already released but without publicity. This app does not only use technology to solve the shoe size problem but also helps bridge down the gap between physical and digital presence of Nike.

In stores, the Nike app helps shoppers choose the right size as well as interacting with store staffs, getting more information about their interested shoes in order to make a purchase, and using Nike’s digital tool in a physical environment.

The combination of digital and physical also appears in Nike’s flagship House of Innovation stores. These places, launched in Shanghai and New York City, let shoppers scan products with the app and make a purchase with just a click.



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