How Technology Advancement Is Making Construction Easier And Safer

Dhir Acharya - Dec 10, 2018

How Technology Advancement Is Making Construction Easier And Safer

The field of construction has been experiencing significant innovations in technology to increase the safety and efficiency for workers.

At some point, we all must have wondered how our parents made it through without the help of technologies. The same questions may be asked too when it comes to construction.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho indian technology advancement in construction

For hundreds of year, there was hardly changes in the field of construction, but power tools and motorized equipment have significantly increased to speed and efficiency of tasks for constructors.

In the past, architectures drew plans and made notes with hands, then they filed them physically, and builders communicated with each other by eye contact and voices. When the technological evolution began, introducing machines, techniques, and instruments which improve the construction process regarding accuracy and efficiency.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho technology advancement in construction

Thanks to technology advancements, the construction time has gone down and flexibility and gone up. Power tools have offered several beneficial features such as increased torque, less vibration and noise, and powerful motors, which help to end strenuous, manual labor. Hence, workers have been using these as helpful resources for help in all kinds of work.

The power tool market has emerged from a weak sales stage to a financial stability today and promised innovations in the future.

How has technology in construction developed?

The following are some dominant trends in the current market of power tools.

Cordless power tools replace corded ones

The construction field has moved from using corded power tools to cordless ones, with the corded tools maintain stable sales and that of cordless tools increasing significantly. Some cordless tools to be named are impact driver, hammer drills, cordless screwdrivers, and impact wrenches, which run on battery.


These tools make a perfect role in assembly, woodworking, fixing, and metalworking as well as other applications. Representing the desire for more mobile devices, current used cordless tools can also operate for a longer time thanks to the innovation in battery manufacturing.

New battery technology

Along with the wide usage of cordless tools, longer battery life is just one among various innovations of batteries. The next step forward in battery technology is the replacement of Nickel-Cd and nickel-metal batteries with lithium-ion batteries. A lithium battery outperforms its successors with smaller size, less weight, and it can be stored for months while keeping its life.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho lithium-ion batterie

Lithium-ion battery

New product to use in construction

The power tool market is welcoming new products too, the digital Measuring Tools for example. Just by pushing a button, you can now record heights, distances, or other measuring applications at high precision. This product is the result of efforts in research and development for years with the aim to bolster the strength and lifespan of tools in this industry.

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Digital measuring tools

Connected Tools & Worksites

Hopefully, with all the advancements we’re witnessing, the construction field shortly will have smart tools which can be connected via Bluetooth or GPS, etc.

What about safety and health standards?

Today, companies have taken a closer look at safety and health standards for their workers to upgrade working conditions, and hence improve efficiency. As a result, they have set new safety regulations at constructing areas, with the responsibility of the Ministry of Labor, Labor Departments of the States and Union Territories and Government of India.

Regarding technical aspects of health and safety in mines and mills and ports sectors, the Ministry is receiving assistance from Directorate General Factory Advice Services & Labor Institutes (DGFASLI) and Directorate General of Mines Safety (DGMS).


How has new technology been implemented in construction?

We can see the most visible evidence of the benefits from technology innovations in the reduction of required time to complete different tasks.

Previously, consumers had to spend an hour to manually screw-drive 20 screws into surfaces. That task can now be done within a minute.


Another example is the planer which has also cut down on the time to smoothen the wooden surfaces. Or the breaker that can take over our places in breaking stones or knocking down a house with much less time.

“Necessity is the mother of Invention” as they always say, we will continue to see a lot more innovations in the construction field. And India, undoubtedly, will witness new technologies over the next few years.


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