Epic Games Is Releasing Its Own App Store And Offer 88% Of Revenue For Developers

Aadhya Khatri - Dec 07, 2018

Epic Games Is Releasing Its Own App Store And Offer 88% Of Revenue For Developers

Epic Games announced its app store, offering developers 88% of revenue and taking only 12% while it's 70% for developers and 30% for Google on its App Store

When Epic Games launched Fortnite on the Android platform, there were speculations saying that it would not be on Google Play Store, which actually turned out to be accurate.

Instead, the company struck a deal with Samsung to give Galaxy Apps Store exclusive right to distribute this app. After this deal came to an end, Epic Games allowed downloading directly from the company’s website.



As a logical step after distributing Fortnite on its own, Epic Games has announced its own app store with a generous offer: 88% of the revenue the app generates will go to the developers; the rest belongs to the company. To add to its accessibility benefits, if developers use Unreal Engine, Epic will deduct 5% engine royalty from its revenue share.

On the other hand, on Google Play Store, developers make 70% of the income from the app while Google takes the remaining 30%.

You can have access to this store early 2019 with a certain number of selected games for Mac and PC. Android and other platform’s users will have to wait for some time to find games that are compatible with theirs. Epic Games' store will be available for all in 2019.

The store has its own principles to follow and all of which is to create a favorable environment for gamers, developers, and content creators.

Creators like YouTubers, Twitch streamers, and other creators can advise gamers to buy the store’s games and earn money while doing so. To add some more encouragement, 5% of creators revenue-sharing in the first 24 months will be covered by Epic.


Epicgamesstore Infographic

Others benefits from Epic includes no store-placed ads, no paid ads appearing in search, and no cross-marketing. Developers can be sure that competing games will not show up on their pages and they can launch games on other engines, not just Unreal.

Details were released at The Game Award held in Los Angeles on the 6th of December.


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