Elon Musk's Company Requested To Dig A Tunnel System At Las Vegas

Chander Sinha - Mar 08, 2019

Elon Musk's Company Requested To Dig A Tunnel System At Las Vegas

Las Vegas is planning on making a tunnel system and having Elon Musk's Boring Company to be the one to construct it.

According to a report from Associated Press, Boring - a company of Elon Musk - is about to come for one of the biggest entertainment cities around the world - Las Vegas to build a tunnel system.

More particularly, the tourism board of Las Vegas made an announcement earlier today that it has recommended the construction of a tunnel system. The board added that among many companies, Boring is the best one.

A concept for the futuristic pods

Steve Hill, the current president and also CEO of Visitors Authority and Convention at Las Vegas in an interview with the Associated Press said:


The specific strategies for the suggested tunnel system are still somewhat vague. Here is all we know up to this moment: this project might cost from $35 to $55 million, besides it could contain over 1 million people per year once debuted at some point around January 2021.

Many different halls of the enormous Convention Center and probably also of the iconic strip of Las Vegas would be connected to one another via three to four stations. Once it’s done, passengers will get to travel by futuristic pods carried in two parallel tunnels. More interestingly, you don’t have to pay even a dime to get access to it.

Potential LVCC Loop Station Locations

Each year, Consumer Electronics Show (or as many may refer as CES) which is the most large-scale event drawing an enormous crowd at Las Vegas takes place at Convention Center - the place to undergo a big expansion at the moment. Its facilities are being stretched over a total length of approximately two miles.

The news about Vegas arrives after Elon Musk’s Boring Company had to discontinue their work in Chicago in the previous month. Their plan was to connect the O’Hare International Airport at Chicago to the core of the downtown; however, this concept has been met with ridicule and red tape. In addition, it also got involved with a scandal about corruption.

Should the news for today is some kind of indication, Las Vegas may still become a way better fit.

Hill shared with Associated Press:



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