Pokemon Detective Pikachu Movie In Hindi Download: What To Expect

Harin - Apr 13, 2020

Pokemon Detective Pikachu Movie In Hindi Download: What To Expect

Want to know where to download Detective Pikachu movie in Hindi? We have got you covered. Check out this article to find out.

Undoubtedly, Detective Pikachu is the best film ever made about Pokémon. Following the success of its game Pokémon Go, the Japanese brand had gone on to an expensive Hollywood makeover for its movie. Although the results aren’t exactly groundbreaking, thanks to Ryan Reynolds who played Pikachu, the movie has caught the attention of the movie-lovers. Without him, the movie would be rather disappointing, but with him, it is an acceptable family movie. Here is a little review of the movie and how to download Detective Pikachu movie in Hindi.

Detective Pikachu Movie In Hindi Review

Before the movie was released, Pokémon fans have received a trollish treat from the production company. The Detective Pikachu leak is less of Detective Pikachu and is more of Dancing Queen Pikachu. Although his name does show up in the corner of the screen, Ryan Renolds doesn’t have many scenes in this 100-minute film. Here is the funny leak version.

The movie starts with Tim played by Justice Smith carrying out an investigation into the disappearance of his father. And somehow, he ends up partnering with a strange Pikachu played by Ryan Raynolds. The pair try to retrace the last steps of Tim’s dad before he vanished.

And their investigation leads them to meet new friends including Lucy Stevens played by Kathryn Newton and her Pokémon friend Psyduck.

Detective Pikachu movie in Hindi: Psyduck.

The movie doesn’t have many twists or turns. Within the first 25 minutes, you can even guess the entire plot of the movie. But considering that this is a movie for kids and tweens, it is totally understandable. It isn’t a mind-bender, it shouldn’t be.

Rather, Detective Pikachu is to take you into a world of Pokémon in a silly and almost hallucinogenic ride.

As the characters go on an adventure together, they develop an emotional connection. In the movie, the humans turn out to be foreign creatures, not the creatures roaming around the countrysides, living in Ryme City’s concrete jungle.

Ryme City
Detective Pikachu movie in Hindi: Ryme City.

The movie emphasizes more on the Pokémons and uses their interactions with human partners to examine the creatures’ perspective and what it is like to become one of them.

What makes Detective Pikachu a fresh of breath air among other animated movies is its simple approach. The film embraces the goofiness of a world that is full of pocket monsters. It leans more into the absurdity rather than trying to normalize it. And it doesn’t try to turn Pokémon into some kind of significant metaphor.

The creatures have also been dependent on the intimate relationship between them and the players. And Detective Pikachu still follows that concept by focusing on the blossoming friendship of Pikachu and Tim. Even when the film is at its most absurd, it is still endearing and funny at the same time.

Detective Pikachu 3
Detective Pikachu movie in Hindi focuses on the blossoming friendship of Pikachu and Tim.

Most films that have fantastic beasts created by CGI rely heavily on performances. And with Detective Pikachu, it is Ryan Reynolds who makes it a success. Just like Deadpool, Detective Pikachu makes use of Reynolds’ ability to take on silly content. How he portrays a confúed Pikachu who stumbles into a world where there is a teenager and other Pokémon can understand him is surprisingly impressive.

Reynolds has a great skill of mixing into a buck wild character performance just enough heart that it is never too over-the-top. His version in the movie is more than just a little sidekick who stays beside Tim. He is the movie’s driving force, but even in the more somber moments, he doesn’t try to switch on a ridiculously serious tone.

He absolutely understands that he is portraying a CGI yellow mouse that can shoot electricity out of his rosy pink cheeks. He obviously has a great time playing Pikachu, and the movie definitely benefits from his enjoyment.

Compared to Reynolds, other cast members which include Smith and Newton, are not as charming. They aren’t built as lovable figure and don’t have the funny material because obviously they aren’t the actual stars. The Pokémon are the main characters of the movie and the human being is just there to move the creatures’ storyline forward. With that, they have done their parts well enough.

The writing of Detective Pikachu isn’t strong or thought-provoking. But being a movie for kids, it doesn’t have to care about that. Rather, it is a carefree, hilarious adventure of the Pokémon and their human friends through a familiar place but with a little bit of a twist to it.

Detective Pikachu
Detective Pikachu movie in Hindi is a carefree, hilarious adventure of the Pokémon and their human friends.

One of the movie’s strongest elements is Ryme City. It has some vibes of “Blade Runner” with its massive skyscrapers and colorful billboards placed on top of them.

Unfortunately, some of the movie’s secondary characters are somehow underwritten, particularly the one-dimensional reporter played by Kathryn Newton. Luckily, her partner Psyduck makes up for it.

A fun fact is that the car you see in the movie is a Mahindra Reva, which is a Made-in-India car.

Detective Pikachu movie in Hindi Mahindra Reva. 

Where To Watch Detective Pikachu movie Hindi?

You can watch the movie on Netflix India as well as Amazon Prime if you have already a subscriber to one of these streaming platforms. You can also rent the movie for Rs 150 on Youtube.

Where to search for Pokemon Detective Pikachu movie in Hindi download?

Detective Pikachu movie in Hindi download can also be found on Tamilrockers which regularly leaks newly released movies, TV shows, and web series.

Detective Pikachu Movie Download For Android

So, that is how you watch or download Detective Pikachu movie in Hindi. As the country has been put under lockdown because of the COVID-19 outbreak, it is surely a suitable time to catch up on some movies. And if you are a fan of the franchise, Pokémon Detective Pikachu is a great movie to watch.

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