Detecting HIV Viruses Is Now Easier By Only Using A Smartphone

Shakti - Nov 12, 2018

Detecting HIV Viruses Is Now Easier By Only Using A Smartphone

By using this modern portable smartphone-based device, detecting HIV viruses now is quick and easier than before. This tech may be our future in HIV war.

Researchers have recently created a new portable and cheap smartphone-based tool integrating the nanotechnology into the smartphone helps to detect HIV viruses appearance and perform the manage in the remote areas.
The HIV viruses demolish the immune system by destroying the healthy cells. It is now a global challenge in developing nations that not equipped with the modern infrastructure and the professional medical doctors.
Experts of Brigham and Women's Hospital have created a new smartphone-based platform and published in the Nature Communications journal.

Hiv Test In 10 Second 1021x580 Detecting HIV viruses is now easy by this portable smartphone-based technology

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The traditional methods for monitoring HIV viruses are high-cost and needing polymerase chain reaction - PCR usage.

Hadi and his team created a system using nanotechnology, microchip, smartphone, and 3D-printed device, that helps detect the RNA nucleic acids in only one blood drop.

The platform can realize the HIV nucleic acids via a motion of DNA-engineered beads, but don't need to use the high-cost devices. Experts indicated that the device can detect HIV viruses with 99.1% specificity together with 94.6% sensitivity at the threshold amount of 1,000 virus particles/ml and giving the result in 1 hour. The total costs for purchasing phone attachment, microchip and reagents are no more than $5 for one full test.

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