Delhi Police Deploys New Hi-Tech Bus To Respond To Emergency Events

Aarav - Mar 25, 2019, 2:35 pm IST

At a time when threats of a terrorist attack are a constant worry in the capital, Delhi Police has deployed a mobile command and control center vehicle.

To better respond to terrorist attacks in the capital, Delhi Police has deployed a new hi-tech bus for various security agencies to take and communicate decisions on the go. This bus will be the first of its kind and will play a crucial role in executing critical infrastructure protection and tactical security operations.

The bus took six months to complete and has a wide range of features which include an operation center, a conference room, and an equipment section with advanced communication and surveillance equipment.

Amulya Patnaik, the police commissioner who designed the bus, said, “It can be deployed at a strategic location at short notice to provide flawless communication if normal communication is unavailable. It has been fabricated on a CNG chassis and sports the necessary wireless nets to provide communication in various districts, security, and traffic, etc., as per the requirement in different parts of Delhi.”


Moreover, the bus can be used to ensure the security of visiting dignitaries or VIPs during violent protests or elections. It can also be utilized for disaster management. For example, law enforcement can deploy the mobile command center on days like Independence Day and Republic Day.

According to officials, the vehicle features ergonomic interiors as well as an aerodynamic body. The control room is filled with state-of-the-art technologies such as Integrated Communication System, wireless radio operator consoles, closed-circuit television, and voice loggers.

The bus has a six-meter mast which is mounted with day-night zoom and long-range cameras for surroundings surveillance purposes.

Police have put in a tender for the bus’s customization and fabrication last year. And it was later built by Mistral, a firm from Bengaluru, at Rs 3.7 crore.

Officials from Delhi Police as well as other agencies explained that the bus introduction would not only help to secure the capital but also as a force multiplier. This kind of vehicle is only used in some western countries until now.

The bus of Delhi Police comes with a 5KVA constant power supply, a 20KVA generating set and floodlights and the most recent public announcement systems.

The conference room is equipped with a 42-inch display device, a 5-seater sofa, and a dish service for police chief as well as other agencies’ heads like National Security Guards and Intelligence.

Prem Nath, another police commissioner, said, “The operations room has a facility for 4G radio conferencing and satellite communication. An integrated communication system and 10 radio dispatch operator consoles are some of the features that make this bus unique in terms of technology.”

The consoles have a foldable seat, standby radios, headsets, and push-to-talk service. Officers can use the HD displays for CCTV feed monitoring as well as viewing Delhi map when needed.