Current Long-Haul Flights Have On-site Cams For Spying

Anita - Apr 30, 2019

Current Long-Haul Flights Have On-site Cams For Spying

A passenger on a Singapore Airlines flight detected a camera installed on the back of a seat, raising concerns about spying in the sky.

The concern was raised last week when a passenger named Vitaly Kamluk of Singapore Airlines noticed a camera beneath his in-flight TV screen. He shared a photo of a camera hidden on his in-flight TV screen on Twitter and asked why there was a camera.

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The airlines later confirmed that it was a real camera which was directly installed onto the back of the seat by the plane’s original equipment makers. However, the carrier said these cameras were not switched on and that they have no plan to use them as cameras.

And we can agree whether a camera is installed into a device, it should always be unused, be secure and never be taken advantage of for capturing footage.

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This is a lucky thing as no passenger would want their dumb face being recorded through some hidden camera installed on an airplane's seat while traveling on air.

If the future airlines want to capture some kinds of footage such as a vomiting passenger, mouth-breather hoiking their feet without shoes onto tray tables, etc, it is no doubt that they have to say “sorry, not sorry” when turning on these cameras.

Claire Reilly, an editor for CNET website, wrote:



There are still many other questions about whether the cabin crew would be taking notes if the seat 64B was watching the safety demonstration. Or whether the cameras would track passengers’ gaze to see if they were watching commercials? Or what happened if the passengers turned away?

Claire wrote:


Air travel has been changing. But it is going to be strongly criticized for replacing Frank Sinatra’s visions who sings “Come Fly With Me” with a live stream in 24 hours of screaming children throwing casserole into their cameras on the seat back.

So far, Singapore Airlines have not had any response for a comment request.


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