Bare These 6 Tips In Mind To Protect Yourself On Social Media

Dhir Acharya - May 16, 2019, 3:02 pm IST

TikTok, the video sharing platform, has released some tips you can use to protect yourself as well as help build a safer social media environment.

No one likes their account to be hacked, of course. But with the advancement of technology and the little control users have over their social media, we have seen a lot of scandal relating to data hacks through platforms like Facebook.

Usually, there are two obvious things causing this: 1) users aren’t careful with their social media; 2) one wrong click that let hackers phish their information. And you should know that it may take months for the device to recover and the process is tiring. That’s why it would be best to re-evaluate your security on social media.

TikTok released 6 tips to protect yourself online

And as TikTok has claimed itself one of the most popular social platforms, it has released some tips you can use to protect yourself as well as help build a safer social media environment.

1. Safeguard your privacy

You can choose to make your account public or private on the Internet, but remember you can also improve the privacy of your profile by adjusting the settings. For example, TikTok users can choose who is able to view their profile page, see their videos, send them direct messages, or react to their videos.

You can better secure your account through privacy settings

2. Don’t share your personal info

Keep this in your mind, your personal information must remain personal. Don’t take the risk by sharing your phone number, date of birth, user name, passwords, email or home address, this may leave you hacked.

3. Be more responsible

You have to take responsibility for your own security. Don’t make videos or take part in challenges that can put yourself and others in danger. For instance, TikTok includes warning tags on videos with potentially dangerous and adventurous content and activities to warn users against participating in those activities that may only professionals can conduct.

Don't make the videos that may harm you and others

4. Don’t watch the videos you’re not supposed to

There is a policy on TikTok that only users at the age of 13 or higher and create an account or login. In addition, the platform requires parental consent to restrict the usage of its content. Parents can use the feature ‘Digital Wellbeing’ to set how much time they are allowed to use the mobile app as well as restrict potentially inappropriate videos.

Parents can control their children's use of the app

5. Filter comments & block unwanted users

As an attempt to give users more control over their accounts, TikTok added a ‘Comment Filter’ that lets them filter out unwanted comments on their videos in Hindi and English. There are also other options like unfriending or blocking a user if they make you uncomfortable.

6. Enjoy a safer platform

TikTok is among many apps that are taking actions to deliver safer user experience on its platform. In particular, the company has introduced the Safety Center with support for 10 major languages helping users protect themselves when using the app. The Center provides guidelines to secure your account privacy, create strong passwords, address bullying, avoid spreading personal info, etc. There’s also the Community Guidelines to help users navigate around the app and really enjoy the social media platform what its original purpose.