This Company Has Rolled Out An Electric Motorcyle With A Classic Look

Dhir Acharya - Dec 17, 2018

This Company Has Rolled Out An Electric Motorcyle With A Classic Look

We have had electric cars that look classic, now motorcycles take the stage.

In October, Tarform introduced its electric motorcycle which it named “Classic.” Interestingly, a US based company has made its own electricity powered motorcycles under the exact same name.

Fly Free Smart is a startup headquartered in Long Beach, the United States with its first electric motorcycle called Smart Desert which carries a retro look. Smart Classic is the company’s second product, featuring a café racer design.

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The Smart Classic

Smart Classic runs on a 3kW motor that lies in the middle of the motorcycle structure. The vehicle can run as fast as 80 kilometers per hour, and as far as 80 kilometers.

The motorcycle has a faux gas tank, under which is one or two batteries that users can remove when necessary. According to Fly Free Smart, one battery can supply enough power for the bike to travel as long as 80 kilometers. But if users bring along the second battery, the motorcycle can extend the distance to the range of 161 kilometers.

It’s worth noting that the bike can only reach its top speed of 80 kilometers per hour with two batteries. Otherwise, it can run at 64 kilometers per hour max.

The bike’s batteries are constituted made by L.G., which are rated over 700 cycles. After that limit, the batteries’ efficiency will reduce by about 30 percent.

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What the biker needs to know like distance, speed, the motor’s temperature, battery charge, as well as a controller are shown on a LED screen placed on the handle. Charging can be done via a USB charger, and users start or stop the motor with a switch instead of a key.

The bike has a gas tank too, but it’s only meant to offer a classic look. Both headlight and tail light on the Smart Classic are LED. Those, together with the drop mirrors gives the electric motorcycle that classic chills of the café racer.


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