Amsterdam To Prohibit Diesel And Gas Cars And Motorbikes From 2030

Anita - May 06, 2019

Amsterdam To Prohibit Diesel And Gas Cars And Motorbikes From 2030

Amsterdam will prohibit over 15-year-old diesel cars in next year as its first stage of the ban on gas and diesel cars and motorbikes.

In order to eliminate factors that contribute to today pollution as well as public health issues, Amsterdam is going to implement the ban on motorbikes and cars running on diesel and gas.

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Accordingly, this city is expected to forbid motorbikes and cars powered by diesel and gas from 2030. The ban is issued for the reason of air quality. Nowadays, the air quality in the Netherlands is “worse than European rules permit,” and the main cause is because of the large number of motorbikes and cars in the cities in this country.

Its influence is quite obvious. Because the air quality reduces, it is probably harmful to the health of people here, especially children, the elderly, and the sick. A traffic councilor in Amsterdam - Sharon Dijksma said in his announcement of the plans.


Similar to several other bans, it is expected to be carried out in stages. It is known that the first stage will take effect in 2020 when the city will prohibit over-15-year-old cars powered by diesel fuels, prevent them from A10 ring road area around the center of Amsterdam. And by 2022, buses that emit exhaust gas are expected to be prohibited and the city will ban pleasure craft and mopeds in 2025. And in 2030, Amsterdam will completely ban vehicles emitting anything from their tailpipe.


The ban will need an enormous attempt to prepare this city on the current timeline. As per the Guardian, Amsterdam not only has to encourage its residents to purchase new hydrogen or electric vehicles but it also needs to set up 13,000 - 20,000 charging stations in 2025 to make sure that everyone can recharge their vehicles.

Although this idea comes from good purpose, not everybody agrees with it. Rai Association, the automotive industry’s lobby group, berated the idea with The Guardian. As per what this association said, the plan that requires citizens to purchase costly electric cars is likely to turn Amsterdam into “a city of the rich.” The pricing of electric cars is going down slowly as time goes by, however, they remain much expensive than diesel-powered cars.

European countries and cities have considered this idea of some certain types of vehicle bans to improve air quality. In 2017, the UK and France announced that they hoped to ban vehicles powered by diesel and gas by 2040.


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