A Swiss Billionaire Will Donate $1 Billion To Save 30% Of The Earth In Next 10 Years

Jyotis - Nov 03, 2018

A Swiss Billionaire Will Donate $1 Billion To Save 30% Of The Earth In Next 10 Years

How to save the Earth is the subject that has gained much attention in the world. The Swiss billionaire, Hansjörg Wyss, declared to donate $1 billion (equivalent to Rs 7,247 Crore) in the next decade.

The duty Save the Earth has been more and more important when the Earth has faced a lot of the threats caused by human, like deforestation, explosive population growth, pollution and loss of biodiversity. It isn’t wrong when saying that human is a real threat to the environment.

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Being aware of this, conservationists advises that people should act more to preserve our Earth. One of the famous conservationists in the world is Hansjörg Wyss, also known as a Swiss billionaire and philanthropist. His charity foundation, the Wyss Foundation will donate $1 billion (equivalent to Rs 7,247 Crore) for the activities to protect wild lands and oceans on Earth to save clean water and air for the future generation.

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While the species on Earth have disappeared much faster than we can estimate, what Wyss and his foundation, as well as other conservationists worldwide, are doing must help us save the Earth. The philanthropist hoped that the conservation of at least 30% of the Earth by 2030 will be achievable.

The United Nations also declared that each of us must do much more to protect many species from extinction, and the Paris agreement to address climate change hasn’t been effective enough.

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According to experts, humans have been destroying at least 50% of resources on Earth while we only save 7% of oceans and 15% of the lands in a natural state. These numbers are so small and we need to do more. The charity foundation founded by Wyss will help local conservation efforts in the world to manage parks and protected regions more efficiently.


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