A Kindergarten Employs A Robot To Work As Teacher

Harin - Apr 30, 2019

A Kindergarten Employs A Robot To Work As Teacher

A kindergarten in China has adopted a robot called Xiaopang to work as a teaching assistant in pre-primary education, assisting both children and teachers.

Just imagine a kindergarten with a robot working as one of its teachers, helping children with their learning, playing and preparing them for a nap.

Aidi kindergarten from China has just employed a new robot teacher which is 1-meter tall. The robot is equipped with man-machine communication, image projection, and motion sensing and will work as a pre-primary teaching assistant.

The robot, which was called Xiaopang, was a product of Evolver, a company from Beijing specializing in smart robots.

Xiaopang, teaching robot
Xiaopang with kids at the kindergarten.

The robot can cover five different kinds of curricula, from art, scientific experiments to the emotional quotient. It can assist children while human teachers oversee the class and interact with other students.

The company wants to help teachers get rid of the repetitive preparation work for teaching and to pay more attention to each child’s health and mood.

In its back, there is a projector while in its chest is a retractable plate for tea and food serving. On its tummy are two speakers.


Xiaopang doesn’t serve as a teacher but also a partner to both human teachers and students.

In a video provided by the company, the robot is seen saying:


The project, surprisingly, has been gladly received by parents.

At a parent meeting, a speaker said:


According to Ma, Evolver’s Xinjiang branch’s director of the operation center, Xiaopang has been put into tests for more than two weeks. Depends on the performance of the robot, in terms of teaching efficiency and safety, the company will consider expansion to more kindergartens as well as private preschool.

Xinjiang has been adopting various AI-based training programs for kids.

Urumqi-based Sanlian children training center provides kids from 4 to 16 years old with programming and robot building class.


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