How to Choose the Best Phone System for Your Business

hoaict - Sep 27, 2022

How to Choose the Best Phone System for Your Business

Communication is a vital aspect of business – from this you build relationships, retain customers, strengthen loyal bonds, and create new ones too. While its importance remains obvious, the methods in which people communicate today are always changing. Virtual video conference systems, instant messaging platforms, social media comments are just a few of the new methods in which people can now contact businesses. Is the phone call on the way out?

Interestingly not! Many people much prefer to talk to a real person in real time, and a business that shows it availability to do so through phone calls make a good impression on users. It creates a personal touch and paint the picture of a friendly and approachable business. The increasing popularity of automated messages becomes for frustrating as the trend goes on, so when a customer can reach out to talk to human, they feel a lot more positive about the communication experience. A phone system can also be better for you too as you are more easily able to define the quality of leads you are in contact with. You can have a better understanding of what your customers’ needs and interests are which will help you to make better marketing decisions. So, how can you choose the best phone system for your business? A phone system can be the thing that makes or breaks your business so it’s worth the effort to put in the time and find the perfect one for you. What are some things to think about?

Choosing the Type of Phone System

There are several different business phone system types so do your research and find one that has the features you need. What are the three different types of phone system? Let’s take a look:

  • A Private Branch Exchange Phone System. This system uses a server that’s kept and maintained on site. This system allows you to communicate within the company and outside too. These systems are often more expensive when it comes to installing them and running the support for them, and they are generally not as flexible as other systems. On the other hand, they offer a stable phone connection as it doesn’t depend on an internet connection, and they have a great quality of sound.
  • A Virtual Phone System. If you don’t have a physical location as a business, this is a great option. It works in a similar way as a hosted website service does and you have a virtual phone number to advertise for people to contact you on. These are exceptionally scalable options so you can create a system that fits the size of your business and its easy to change it when you need to. Furthermore, there are great deal more features that you can make the most of. There are options for call planning and interactive voice responses. Another option you may find useful is call forwarding US cellular These useful add on features will take your phone system to the next level.
  • Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone systems. With the use of fibre optic cables over broadband internet, audio signals are converted into digital signals. This makes it a very cost-efficient system with more extra features than a traditional phone system. You can also make and receive calls from your own cell phone and listen to messages from your mobile devices.

Choosing a Phone System That Will Fit Your Budget

Have a budget in mind and then look for a system that gives the best value for your money. There are various costs that you need to consider, beyond the costs of the hardware and software. The initial setup will be another expense to think about, along with licensing and subscription fees as well as the charges of getting a good internet connection.

Choosing a System That Works With Your Internet

Evaluate the reliability of your internet connection when deciding which system to go with. A reliable connection is essential to the successful function of an internet-based phone system. Check that your internet provider can guarantee a good upload and download speed. If you can’t guarantee this kind of stability, you may be best going for a traditional phone system for your office.

Choosing a System That Fits in With the Rest of Your Business Tools

Compatibility is an excellent asset when it comes to any software decisions you have to make for your business. You want a phone system that is going to connect with the other business tools you use. These tools could include your call scripts, customer loyalty system, email platform and live chat system. You don’t want to make processes more complicated for your employees, but you want to provide a telephone system that makes their lives easier and helps them to fulfil their business roles.

Choosing a System That Will Grow With You

A new business phone system is a big investment so it needs to be one that will fit you and your business for a long time. Think about your business goals and factor those into your decision about investments like a new phone system. If you plan to grow as a business, you want a system that will grow with you. Planning ahead will help you to make wise, informed decisions that will stand the test of time.

Telephone Systems for the Future of Your Business

Business telephone systems began with call centres of switchboards and operators, and despite the massive progress made on the side of the technology, the side of people wanting personal communication hasn’t changed at all. Modern business telephone systems are highly advanced tools that can boost your sales, encourage your relationships, and improve the communication skills of your whole business. When you have clear goals in mind and features you are determined to find, you will be able to make good decisions and choose a system that will support your business now and in the future too.


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