Crypto Plinko Tricks You Can Utilize

hoaict - Dec 15, 2022

Crypto Plinko Tricks You Can Utilize

Are you looking for a way to finally come out victorious when you play crypto Plinko? You need to understand certain things to make money from crypto Plinko when playing in an online casino. Just like any other game that claims you can earn real money, you need to know the various rules and tricks you can utilize to take advantage of the game and turn the odds in your favor.

Plinko is a game inspired by the American television show Price is Right. In the middle of it, all you need to do is drop the Plinko ball and let gravity do the rest to reveal the value you will get. Plinko is simple and doesn't require any complex thinking to play.

Plinko is a popular casino game available on both physical and virtual platforms. But our focus in this article is on the virtual platform. Although it has simple visuals and rules, it has some serious winning potential.

This article will highlight the various tricks you can utilize when playing Bitcoin Plinko. But before we can utilize these tricks, let's shine a little light on how to play Plinko.


How to Play Crypto Plinko

When playing crypto Plinko, you first need to set your wager based on the table limit that the online casino provides. Once you are done, start the game to see the ball drop at the top of the triangular-shaped pegs, then wait for it to fall in one of the slots at the bottom of the triangle.

When the ball falls, it hits the pins randomly, causing it to change directions and eventually settle down in one of the boxes below the pinboard. The odds of landing on a larger prize in the middle are unpredictable due to how the ball moves in the triangular pegs. You might end up with a low winning bet.

Each box at the bottom contains a different cash reward that describes the bet multiplier – 0.2x, 0.5x, 2x, 22x, 1000x, etc. The minor rewards are located in the middle section, while the more significant rewards are situated at the triangle's edges.

Tricks You Can Utilize to Win Crypto Plinko

Because Bitcoin Plinko is a lottery-style game based on chance, there is no one-size-fits-all trick or strategy. The game lies in the possibility of landing in the middle slot to win big. It doesn't mean that there are no tricks to help you maximize your winning chances on the Plinko board. 

Below are some tricks that can help you maximize your winnings:

Never Chase Losses

Some players think that even though they lose countless times, the tides of the game will eventually tilt in their favor. Stay safe from the circle of trying to regain your lost bet. If you do, you might spend all you have without breaking even. This is one of the tricks you can utilize when you place Plinko in an online Bitcoin casino.

It is something you can learn when playing Bitcoin Plinko, always cut your losses and hurt your pride. Calling it a day and picking up from where you left off another day is smart when dealing with a game like Plinko.

Try Different Risk Levels

When playing Plinko in a Bitcoin casino, there is no guarantee that you will hit the middle slot for the big rewards because of how crypto Plinko is pegged. Because it is impossible to predict where the ball will land, it is safe to say that another strategy you can employ is setting low stakes and limits. You can use techniques to increase your profits, such as progressive systems and their negative counterparts.

Choose Where the Ball Drops

One of the tricks you can utilize when playing Plinko is to choose where the ball drops. To ensure a decent win despite the random odds, it is always advised to drop the chip at the center.

Even though it doesn't guarantee that you will land in the middle slot, it will increase your chances for the chip to bounce toward a position with a decent reward. This trick might not allow you to grab the biggest payout, but it will maximize your wins over several rounds of staking.

Set the Number of Pins

Another trick you can use when playing Bitcoin Plinko is to determine the size of your Plinko board. The number of pins represents the volatility level. It means fewer pins will help you win more but smaller prizes, while the more pins there are, the bigger the prize, most of the time but only sometimes. While there are no right or wrong ways to set the number of pins, playing with fewer pins is recommended to make the betting session last longer.

Adjust the Best Size

Another Bitcoin Plinko trick you can utilize is being able to choose your bet size. This helps and serves as a trick to beat the game and prevent you from losing money. You can select a comfortable bet size, but remember that the autoplay feature has a faster pace than most online casino games, so you should bet a little more conservatively.

Manual or Autoplay Game Mode

Like online slots, players can play a game manually or use autoplay mode. This is one of the tricks you can utilize when playing crypto Plinko. When you play Plink in autoplay mode, the balls that come falling down on the board do so simultaneously, each one for each bet, making the game a bit faster than slots.

Players should have this in mind when setting up their bets, as they can see their funds get depleted fast.


To come out victorious while playing Plinko, all you need is for the ball to bounce to the right section, where you can claim a big reward. The result of each ball played is entirely random, so there isn't any strategy to win Plinko. Both beginners and professionals can utilize the few tricks we've highlighted above to take advantage of the game and generate a good payout.


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