Despite The Latest Scandals, The Galaxy Fold Will Be Shipped In June

Aadhya Khatri - Apr 24, 2019, 8:35 am IST

The date is announced by AT&T in an email it sends customers

Samsung’s decision to delay the release of the Galaxy Fold has raised some questions among the general public. What makes the screen blink? What will Samsung do next? But for users who have preordered, what they care the most right now is probably when they get it.

The last question has already been answered by AT&T, and what they told in an email is the 13th of June. The emails are leaked on Reddit and Twitter, and by the look of the screenshots, the emails are legitimate. However, it does not mean that the date is credible. Samsung has not said anything about when its Galaxy Fold will be shipped, which makes what AT&T said even more questionable. If the date 13th of June is just a wild guess, AT&T will have its reputation to worry about.

In the meantime, according to Reuters, Samsung is taking back all of the review Galaxy Fold is has released. The motive here might be that the company wants to prevent any other review on the blinking screen. So far, there have been three reviewers reported a bulge appearing on the foldable phone they used.

Retrieving sample phones is a wise thing to do for Samsung, but it is a sad piece of news for users as this move might be a sign of a longer delaying time for the public to wait for any official answer on the recent incidents with the Galaxy Fold. So far, iFixit has revealed a bunch of failure points, which is by far the most credible guess we have.

For the time being, the safest way to treat the date 13th of June is to think of it like AT&T’s 5G E icon. It might be accurate, which is excellent, or it might not, and we will be left guessing for some time.