Choosing the Best Mobile Cricket App

HuongDTM - Nov 15, 2021

Choosing the Best Mobile Cricket App

Today, only 200,000 American’s enjoy playing cricket. The betting market is much larger and the ICC T20 World Cup and The Ashes cricket competitions are fought fiercely each year.

The Brits have a particular liking for cricket, so it’s no surprise that the game was regularly played there in the early 17th century. The sport was popular in Philadelphia, which remains one of the few places in the United States where cricket is still somewhat popular today. Haverford College formed the first cricket club exclusively for Americans in 1833, and soon formed a strong rivalry with Philadelphia.

Haverford and Penn played their first official college cricket game in 1864, and by 1867 had set up an annual game which was played for three consecutive years until 1869, when Haverford shockingly banned cricket from their college grounds – perhaps believing it to be inferior to the homegrown sport of baseball, which had been established in Cooperstown, New York, in 1839.

Today, only 200,000 American’s enjoy playing cricket. The betting market is much larger, however – Americans do love a good rivalry, and the ICC T20 World Cup and The Ashes cricket competitions are fought fiercely each year. It’s surprising in a way – cricket has a lot of parallels with American sports, which favor regular scoring. The game is overwhelmingly complex, however – perhaps unnecessarily so – and whilst this does lead to a huge number of betting options, the game seems destined to be a favorite of American bettors, rather than American players.

Unibet Betting App Review

Unibet Betting App Review
Unibet Betting App Review

When choosing a mobile betting app, there are a number of aspects and features which sports fans simply cannot live without. Most obvious is support for their handset, and Unibet has taken great care to ensure their software works equally well on Android devices and Apples iPhone’s, which are the dominant choice across the United States.

A license from a respected gaming authority is a must too – particularly in light of the United States' complex patchwork of gambling laws. The UIGEA complicated things immensely, and with the federal government showing no interest in passing a national gaming bill, it is up to individual states such as New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and most recently Indiana to pass their own gaming laws.

Unibet is licensed by the world-respected Malta Gaming Authority (MGA), ensuring that American bettors will have no trouble withdrawing their winnings reliably and quickly – without falling foul of US federal legislation. But what else do cricket fans demand from a betting app – what features do they value above all others? The Unibet Mobile App seems to have done its research, with 52 different markets available for the forthcoming clash between Australia and New Zealand.

The mobile betting app doesn’t just support cricket bets, which is all the more surprising when you discover just how small the software is. Clearly, Unibet has spent considerable time optimizing their code here to ensure the fastest speed possible. Take a look at the software specifications – the installed size is particularly impressive:

Current Application Version 1.4.3
APK File Size 25Mb
Installed Size 70Mb
Price Free
Supported Platforms Android, iOS
Support for Watching Games? Yes, after registration
Support for Sports Betting? Yes, after registration and identity verification

The design of the application is intuitive and user-friendly, hiding a myriad of options under its simple but effective design. Better yet, users can also bet on casino games from within the same app as well. Of course, this being the United States, Cricket Betting revenue lags far behind the NFL, NBA, and World Series Baseball. We tested the app on devices with 1GB of RAM and found it to be a little sluggish, but such devices are extremely rare in the US these days. 

Provided your device has a minimum of 2GB of RAM, the app is extremely responsive. Unibet’s many years of experience creating such apps for the European market ensures that your personal data is safe – there has never been any reports of successful hacking attempts on systems, so you can be sure that your privacy is protected.

The Pro’s and Con’s of Unibet’s Betting App

Pro’s Con’s
Easy registration process from within the app Occasional technical issues do occur, particularly during times of heavy use
Sports Betting, Casino, and Poker all available
Convenient Menu Navigation
24/7 User Support


How to Download the Unibet Betting App

Unibet Casino App
Unibet offers its APK file directly on its website, and this is the only place you should consider downloading it from.

Google and Apple do not allow betting apps to feature directly within their app stores at this time, which can be very frustrating for those who wish to install apps such as this. Unibet offers its APK file directly on its website, and this is the only place you should consider downloading it from.

You may well find the APK file on torrent servers and third-party sites, but there is no guarantee that those files have not been messed with in some way – the security offered by the app can only be guaranteed if you install it from an official source.

Essentially, you will need to dig into the settings on your device and enable the installation of software from sources other than the official stores. Once you have done this you will be able to launch the APK file, but this will trigger a warning of the perils discussed above – as long as you have downloaded the APK (or Apple equivalent) from an official channel, you can safely ignore this message and go ahead and install the software. 

For further details on how to achieve this, be sure to check out Unibet’s comprehensive guide.

Device Limitations

We mentioned early that we had tried to install the app on a device with 1GB of ram and found the experience to be much less than satisfactory. The app is clearly aware of this, as they list 2GB of RAM as the minimum spec for Android devices on their website. iPhone users may be able to get away with 1GB of RAM – we didn’t test this, but the gambling provider lists it as a suitable configuration on their website.

The app has been designed to run on older versions of Android and iOS, which should cover the vast majority of devices used in the United States in 2021. The recommended version of android is 8.1 Oreo, but versions all the way back to KitKat 4.4 are fully supported. As for iOS, versions, 6/8 are supported, but iOS 10 or higher is recommended for the smoothest experience.

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