Is Mobile Gaming The Future?

hoaict - Mar 17, 2021

Is Mobile Gaming The Future?

The fact that gaming and payment systems have become seamlessly integrated, means players can now just only have even further heightened levels of gaming.

Mobile gaming has become a preference massively within the gaming community. Recent surveys have actually demonstrated that over 1.36 billion people worldwide actually favor mobile gaming due to the convenience it presents. Advancements are continuously being encouraged within the market. One minute we have mobile casinos that are taking the gambling network and community by storm and the next jewel on the market now is PayPal casinos. The fact that gaming and payment systems have become seamlessly integrated, means players can now just only have even further heightened levels of gaming. It very much in the future, and one can only imagine the lengths that it can proceed to.

Mobile gaming has presented gamers with a huge opportunity to seize their gaming and be in complete control overall. What we mean by this is, you are able to mold your gaming around your lifestyle and preferences because mobile gaming means utmost convenience to you and your schedule. Back in the day, we were limited to gaming on PCs and consoles, so that was really no good, as you have to play when you get home from work and try to fit that in within your everyday life. Now, we have mobile gaming which is pretty perfect, as you are gaming whenever and wherever you want, because what do we actually have on us at all times nowadays? You guessed it, our mobiles!

Mobile Gaming Is The
PC gamers are pretty hard to please nowadays

PC gamers are pretty hard to please nowadays, because whenever we tell them mobile gaming is something they should try out, they immediately think of bog-standard games like Candy Crush Saga for example, which by the way is great, yet that is not the point. Hard-core PC gamers do think that mobile gaming is the essence of simplicity, and you actually cannot accomplish any huge storylines and live-action that you get when you play Age of Empires on Computer for example. However, what many gamers underestimate is that mobile gaming should be treated like the majority of the rest of the gaming industry, as it really does have a lot to offer.

Mobile gaming often gets shunned due to its graphics and small screen, however, nowadays the software of mobile gaming is pretty much up there when it comes to streaming gameplay on your device. Many of the big games such as Call of Duty, rangers of Oblivion, are available now to play for mobile, so the question you need to ask yourself here is, if some of the biggest names within the industry are available on mobile, surely gaming is evolving towards giving you the choice of where and how you wish to play. That sense of control and independence within gaming is what gamers of the past dream of. Not many gamers on PC, can say that they get to play Oblivion from their mobile, as they commute to work, can they? That is the thing, the moment you actually embrace mobile gaming, you will see how freeing and suitable it is to your everyday life. 

Big Names in the Industry 

Call of Duty and Oblivion are not the only names that have moved forward to mobile gaming. Riot Games are very interested in exploring the mobile gaming realm, which is something PC gamers are very aware of. Legends of Runeterra has moved towards mobile, in addition to Teamfight Tactics. 

Riot Games also want to move over existing titles that they have in the gaming world, towards mobile, games which you may recognize such as, PUBG Mobile, Arena of Valour, which includes the famous Hans Zimmer in there too, for his music composition. There is nothing that sets the scene better than a climatic soundtrack. So it definitely will be a little treat for mobile gamers everywhere, no doubt.

Mobile gaming is very much pushing to be the future

Mobile gaming is very much pushing to be the future, especially when we have Riot Games as the pioneers of this movement currently. Their enthusiasm for mobile gaming will no doubt convince many of their allegiance (over 115 million monthly players at least) to evolve with them and embrace the adaption onto mobile. It is inevitable when having such huge names in the gaming industry recognize mobile gaming's potential, that we see players make the change too.

 Many of the huge PC games are bit by bit, being dipped into the mobile gaming platform. Gradually it will be inevitable to see larger crowds and enthusiasm surrounding mobile gaming. With popular games like Fortnight making it on to mobile too, we are beginning to recognize a trend, and without a doubt, things will certainly pace it up a bit. We expect big moves this coming future. Big moves from mobile gaming indeed, we just need to watch this space really, don't we?

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